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PvtNote | Send private messages that destroy themselves after reading

Hey influencers, streamers and partners,

Are you interested in an affiliate partnership? We at are looking for enthusiastic content creators like you to enter into exciting collaborations with us. Through our partner offer various sponsorship opportunities, including credit cards for platforms such as Amazon, Apple, Steam, and many more.

Through our cooperation with there are various sponsoring options available to enrich your content and offer your community something unique.

The best benefits of this partnership? You don't have to worry about costs and can increase your follower and subscriber numbers at the same time. You can also generate new followers and subscribers as attractive offers and giveaways draw attention to your content.

If you are interested in a long-term partnership and in engaging and rewarding your audience, we are ready to discuss the details of a potential collaboration.

Contact us to find out more and explore together how we can improve our partnership with for the benefit of your brand and your followers.

No costs, exciting giveaways for your followers and the chance to generate new followers and subscribers - all this awaits you with a partnership with and We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
The PvtNote team

What exactly is

Our project has been in existence since June 2023 and has seen enormous expansion in the last two months, with an average of around 3000 visitors and around 50,000 page views.

We owe our rapid expansion to our specialization in search engine optimization (SEO). With targeted work, we were able to position ourselves at number 1 on Google for keywords such as "private message", "private note" and "self-destructing message". In addition, our top 25 keywords are among the top two positions in Google search results.

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Your advantages

The advantages of a partnership with us? No costs for you! You can offer your followers and subscribers attractive giveaways that will inspire them. From exclusive offers to exciting promotions - we are happy to adapt to your target group.

How it works

The giveaway process is as follows: Gheed or PvtNote will provide giveaways, such as a chance to win a credit card. To take part in the giveaway, it is necessary to create a free account on This gives you the opportunity to collect entries. An example of this would be linking all of your own social media profiles. If a viewer follows the streamer's channel, for example, they will receive x entries - the exact number can be set individually.

For the partnership with streamers, we expect the integration of our partner logo from, either as part of the stream overlay and/or in the panel area. In addition, a command, for example !giveaway, with a predefined text containing the link to the giveaway would be beneficial.

PvtNote | Send private messages that destroy themselves after reading

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